Book Release

Book launch with Fiona Connor

Saturday, November 18, 2023
6 PM

We are pleased to launch Fiona Connor’s new artist book KIT together with Io, a collaboration between Luís Manuel Araújo and Oliver Andrew Evans. The publication was developed over a year and catalogues the photographs Fiona Connor takes as tools for making sculptures while also considering how she prints and uses these images in her studio. Over five thousand images have been edited and collated into stapled book blocks arranged chronologically. The photographs record sites, surfaces, and objects to enable a sculptural language that utilizes processes of mimicry and reproduction. When seen together, they operate like a stream of consciousness recorded through the push of a fingertip on a phone screen.

KIT is a series of forty-nine unique artist books, each comprising a different group of one hundred photographs on sheets of recycled paper, bound by five heavy-duty staples. The book blocks are housed in custom-made manilla folders, with graphic design by Ben Greehy and screen printed by Fiona Connor. An insert card accompanies this project, providing an index of the different cover pages.

lo are based in Camberwell, London. Collectively, Luís Manuel Araújo and Oliver Andrew Evans have over two decades of experience developing and producing artworks, exhibitions, and publications. They are collaborating with artists and writers on independent publishing projects that transform and reframe existing research into new material outcomes.

KIT is published by Io, 2023
Images & screen printing: © Fiona Connor
Editing & book design: Luís Manuel Araújo & Oliver Evans
Graphic design: Ben Greehy

© lo projects