So-called waves and other phenomena of the mind ...
Pawel Althamer & Artur Żmijewski


During the preparation of the joint exhibition for the Kunstverein, both Polish artists Althamer and Zmijewski embarked upon their travels together: to the working class quarter Brodnó in Warsaw, to a forest, to a hypnotist, to the deserts of Mexico. Partly under the influence of narcotics, both men were in search of new experiences and in so doing crossed over customary boundaries.

Visitors to the exhibition were greeted by a Yucca and the metal writing bearing the title of the exhibition So genannte Wellen emblazoned upon the brutalistic facade of the Kunsthalle. There was a desert-like floor area visible in the exhibition space of the Kunstverein whilst Zmijeswki’s videos could be viewed on monitors featuring Althamer playing the role of his life: the role of the artist.