127 cuerpos


127 cuerpos
Teresa Margolles


Teresa Margolles’ at first glance poetic installations present the body in exceedingly abstract form and yet with the use of highly realistic means: she works with the water used to clean corpses, traces of blood or fatty deposits. In so doing she fills the exhibition space with the traces of several, often anonymous bodies and »contaminates« thus its neutral, innocent aura.

The work 127 cuerpos (127 bodies), 2006, which Teres Margolles conceived for the Kunstverein, alludes to 127 autopsied bodies from different regions of Mexico. The artist displays leftover pieces of suturing thread used in the sewing up the corpses after the autopsy. She connects these pieces of thread to create an installation which annexes the space and conveys a feeling of disappearance and dissolution by virtue of its reduced means.

The Teresa Margolles exhibition is part of the Quadriennale 06 project of the city of Düsseldorf.