Desde el Jardín
Sol Calero and Dafna Maimon

Thursday, October 18, 2018
6 PM

Desde el Jardín is a telenovela, written and directed by Calero and Maimon, and produced with Conglomerate, Berlin. Highlighting the romanticizing effect and the exoticism of life that become clichés through their cinematic projection, Desde el Jardín examines the articulation of relationships and narratives of love, status and moral value that telenovelas enforce. Desde el Jardín, 2016, telenovela, video, 28.24 min.

Sol Calero lives in Berlin. Over the course of the past years, Calero has explored cultural codes, communal environments, and image production in Latin America and of the Latino communities living in migration. She transforms exhibition venues into immersive and colorful spaces of collective practice: the beauty salon, the dance class, the school, or even the setting of a telenovela, are all scenarios that she has recreated, exposing how the construction of a common paradigm is mediated by, and inseparable from, the social fabric where it is woven.

Dafna Maimon (b. 1982) living in Berlin works in performance, video and 'immersive performance-installations’ exploring emotional landscapes focusing on self, trauma, memory and play. Popular tongue-in-cheek definitions of identity and the body manifest themselves in her fragmented narratives. Interested in directing an experience in a collective workshop-type of way, Dafna tests the limits of stereotypes while facilitating creative therapeutic techniques that place value on empathy. Her practice overall highlights the very same elements it materializes through – affect based constructions and their economies.

Entrance 3 Euro. Members are free.

The event accompanies the exhibition Sol Calero– Pica Pica, on view at Kunstverein für die Rheinlande und Westfalen, Düsseldorf through October 28, 2018.