Lecture-Performance by Berthold Reiß: The Augurs (Die Auguren)

Wednesday, September 23, 2015
7.30 PM

Speaking of the art of the state (in German ‘‘Staatskunst’‘) sounds like a signal in order to take a stand that always asserts the freedom of the subject, namely Art, capital ‘‘A’‘. A provision that are is obliged to obey has been known since Plato.

This avant-garde is recognisable as subjective at Europe’s frontier. On 6 June 1918 Mustafa Kemal, the future Atatürk wrote in his diary about himself and his people: ‘‘They should become like me, not I like them’‘. The century that separates us from this expectation has restricted this area where one should distinguish oneself and forge ahead, not least on the templum of art.

Originally this templum was not a building but a restricted field. At the edge of the field, where chaos began, is where the augurs had an overall view in order to follow the flight of the birds. What they had to say is what had to be done. And the politicians were primarily concerned wit harmonising their actions with the prognostications of the augurs.

This lecture-performance is a contribution to Die Kunst der Türken/ The Art of the Turks/ Türklerin Sanati by the Munich-based artist Berthold Reiß.

Entry 3,- EUR. Members are free. The lecture-performance will be held in German.