Another Eye

Another Eye: ATM
Work, Technology, People: Film Means Dreaming Together with Our Eyes Open

Thursday, December 15, 2022
7 PM

We are ATM. We develop, we produce, we tell stories–in feature films, documentaries, and in show formats. For cinema, television, and streaming platforms, for galleries and museums.

Coming from our background in film and visual art, we develop projects alongside a large network of talented filmmakers and artists. We open up new modes of distribution and bring together an extensive knowledge and understanding of images, media, and storytelling. We believe in moving images that set things in motion.

ATM is a production company for film and television. It was founded in early 2022 in Düsseldorf by Ania Kołyszko, Tobias Hohn, and Maximilian Klemens Sänger.

For the fourth edition of Another Eye, ATM will present its history as an organization from its inception to first projects, followed by a screening of the documentary film Jan Dibbets: This Giant Child by ATM.

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